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..................15 in.
Cob/Horse.........15.75 in.
Full/Warmblood......17 in.
X-Full/Draft...... ..17.75 in

All measurements are taken from one end of the browband to the other end.
Loop openings on the browbands are a generous 1.25" and will fit most weymouth bridles.

Brilliance Browband Photo Gallery
Genuine Swarovski Crystal Browbands
Horse Browband Packaging
Beautifully Packaged. Makes a great equestrian gift!

Brilliance Crystal Browbands Gala

A Brilliant Collection of Browbands

Straight Brilliance Gala
Elegant and Beautiful
bling browband straight crystal
 Custom Brilliance Gala
Custom Crystal BrowBands -
Straight or Wave
custom browbands beasties brilliance gala
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Specialty Designs 
Custom Brilliance Gala
Custom Crystal BrowBands
fashionista specialty designed browbands
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Crystal Browbands Color Options for the Brilliance Gala...

Standard Colors for Crystal Browbands
Click Here to View Standard Crystal Color Selections for the Brilliance Browbands
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Wave Brilliance Gala
Subtle Drop for that Added Touch
wave crystal browbands
 Skinny Brilliance Gala
Slimmer Version of the Popular Original
Custom Skinny Brilliance
Design Your Own -
Slimmer Version of the Popular Original
custom skinny crystal browbands
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Brilliance Crystal Browbands are available in Five Styles:


  • Wave Browbands

  • Straight Browbands

  • Skinny Browbands

  • The Brilliance Straight Gala

  • The Brilliance Custom Collection (Design Your Own)


Next, Choose Your Brilliance Crystal Colors:


  • Custom, Design Your Own Browband - Select from Over 80+ Genuine Swarovski Crystal Colors.

  • Standard Color Line-Up of 15 Genuine Swarovski Crystal Designs:

    1. Show Me The Ring

    2. Black Diamond Half Halts

    3. Iris My Trainer Liac-ed Amethysts

    4. Do You Lilac My New Browband

    5. Can't Sea the Next Jump

    6. Teal the Next Show

    7. Triple Crown Blue

    8. Farrier Was In the Royal Navy

    9. Eventing in Emerald City

    10. Granny Smith Galloped

    11. Imported from Vanilla-Zuela

    12. Bare Naked Bays

    13. Copper Chestnut Shimmer

    14. Flirty Mamacita Mare

    15. Rode for Quarter of a Cent Cherry

All Brilliance Crystal Browbands are available in:


  • Black or Brown Leather (Other Leather Colors by Special Order)
  • Sizes:
    1. Pony - 15"

    2. Cob/Horse - 15.75" 

    3. Full/Warmblood - 17"

    4. Extra Full/Draft - 17.75"