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Fashionable Confidence.  Ride in Vogue...
Personal style is developed over years of learning and of course unlearning the correct garments which not only make you look a hundred dollars but also make you feel as though you can conquer the world.  Your style is not only limited to your clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags but it touches all aspects of your life -the food you eat, the home you live in, the way you present yourself...


Therefore, it is natural for equestrians to marry their love of the sport with their personal fashion sense.  Fashion trends are like little snowflakes, they fall ,they twinkle and then melt away.  Thankfully for us, horse tack and equipment does not fall out of style with the seasons like the latest and greatest high heeled shoe.  In regards to equestrian equipment, our styles and trends last a bit longer.  After all, that's what our horse tack is made and designed to do - withstand the daily rigors of riding.

 That's where we come in...


We search the globe to bring you the finest treasures in which to infuse your style with your riding.  So, ride in vogue, make style-statements and follow the trend of being an eye-catcher by just being a little comfortable to yourself.  Infuse some style into your ride.  You'll feel great and your horse will feel beautiful too.

Crystal Browbands

Ride Well     Be Safe     Have Fun     &     Look Good !