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Horse Browband Packaging
Beautifully Packaged. Makes a great equestrian gift!

Custom Browband Size Chart
Be Sure to Measure Your Band First as Our Sizes Run a Bit Large...


Pony............................15 in.

Cob/Horse................15.75 in.
Full/Warmblood.............17 in.
X-Full/Draft...............17.75 in.

All measurements are taken from one end of the browband to the other end.
*Need something bigger or smaller, different color leather?  We can help.  Contact us for more custom options.

Custom Browband Collection

Exquisite Selection of Custom Browbands

Design Your Own, Affordably...

In every day life we are always expected to conform.  It starts at school - we have uniforms, homework and rules and it continues through to our adult working life. 

In reality each and every one of us is unique, it's no wonder we seek to find those
little treasures to express our individuality.

Skinny Brilliance Gala

Design Your Own  (7mm)

Design your own browband


 Twilight Collection
Design Your Own (5mm)
custom browbands

Brilliance Wave Gala

Design Your Own  (7mm)

custom browbands







custom browband crystal colors

Brilliance Wave Gala

Design Your Own  (7mm)







custom browband layout
Custom Brilliance Browband Designed with the Following Options:
- Brown Leather
- Straight Shape (wave also optional)
3/3/3 Pattern with the following Genuine Swarovski Crystals:   Jonquil | Silk | Lt. Col. Topaz

All Beasties Brilliance Browbands are guaranteed for one full year. 
"Oh and Beasties will change out the crystals if say you tire of your colors after some time.  For example, you order a pink crystal browband but 2 years down the road blue is your new favorite color.  Send us the browband and for a nominal fee, we'll change out the crystals".

Be the envy of everyone at the barn and add a little bling to your style!!!! 
Our mission is to supply quality, innovative and exciting products with a modern look and feel.  We work closely with experienced manufacturers, who are each specialists in their fields, and now produce fine quality designer bridles and matching accessories.
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