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Heather Blitz and Paragon at the Pan Am Games




Dressage Browbands 



Exquisite Selection for

Training Level to the Olympic Level...

Brilliance Gala
Radiates a fiery Brilliance.


Straight Brilliance Gala
Traditional Look for Heads of all Shapes and Sizes
straight brilliance dressage browbands


Wave Brilliance Gala
Popular Shape for Today's Couture Equestrians
wave brilliance dressage browbands


Skinny Brilliance Gala
A Slender Version
of the Popular Original
skinny brilliance dressage browbands


Custom Brilliance Gala
Design Your Own
Design your own dressage browbands


Custom Skinny
Design Your Own - Skinny Style
custom browbands - skinny brilliance
Luminocity Gala
Intricate & Delicate. 


Wave Browbands
Elegant and Simple!
Dressage Browbands - Luminocity Wave
gold crystal browband


Always a Favorite!
V Shaped Dressage Browband
gold v browband


Adore-a-Crystal Multi 
European Elegance!
dressage browbands multi colored


Red, White & Bleutiful
Represent the USA or British Flags in Style!
red white and blue usa olympic browband
Twilight Collection
Subtle and Affordable.


 Twilight Collection
Custom, Design Your Own
Dressage Browband
purple crystal dressage browbands


 Twilight Collection
Custom, Design Your Own
Dressage Browbands
custom browbands
Dressage Browbands from the Beasties™ Brilliance and Twilight Collections are made by hand and set with Genuine Swavoski Crystals.  They make the ultimate Equestrian Gift and they are so exquisite and unique.  Each item is hand finished by skilled craftsmen and comes packaged in a sheer dust bag,  This packaging is perfect for gift-giving or storage.
Browband Packaging for Equestrian Gifts
Dressage Browbands Come Attractively Packaged in a Sheer Dust Bag

In every day life we are always expected to conform.  It starts at school - we have uniforms, homework and rules and it continues through to our adult working life. 

In reality each and every one of us is unique, it's no wonder we seek to find those
little treasures to express our individuality.

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