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Crystal and Leather Key Fobs

The perfect equestrian gift

Not only beautiful, they are affordable.  These Key Chains demonstrate the quality of the Beasties™ Horse Bridles and Browbands.  We guarantee that short of your dog eating one of these key chains, you could throw it, drop it, stamp on it, soak it and generally abuse it and it will still look great!

Matching many of the black browbands, these key chains are a great little addition to the Beasties™ Range of Horse Tack Solutions.  Perfectly packaged in the same luxurious gift bag as the Crystal Browbands, these beautiful leather key fobs are also made with CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements.  Again, making them unique equestrian gifts.

Each Crystal and Leather Key Fob is hand made in gorgeous, black Italian and English leathers.

Crystal and Leather Key Fobs by Beasties™
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Cute Packaging...

Just like the Beasties™ Bridles and Browbands, each Key Fob (Key Chain) is finished by hand in the USA and comes packaged in a cute gift bag.

Made with Genuine Swarovski Crystallized Elements®
And is available in an array of crystal/color options.  Choose from:
  • #1 Meridian Blue
  • #2 Light Sapphire
  • #3 Volcano
  • #4 Fushia AB
  • #5 Chrysolite (mint green)
  • #6 Crystal AB
  • #7 Burgundy
  • #8 Light Siam (red)
  • #9 FireOpal (orange)
  • #10 Indian Pink (hot pink)
  • #11 Fushia
  • #12 Rose
  • #13 Montana
  • #14 Capri Blue
  • #15 Sapphire
  • #1 Meridian Blue
  • #16 Sky Blue Opal
  • #17 Aquamarine
  • #18 Tanzanite
  • #19 Purple Velvet
  • #20 Peridot
  • #21 Citrine
  • #22 Jonquil
  • #23 Light Colorado Topaz
  • #24 Silk
  • #25 Black Diamond
  • #26 Clear Crystal

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