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Helmet Deodorizer -

Refresh and Remove Nasty Helmet Smells with this

Award-Winning Helmet Spray.

If you get teased because of how raunchy your helmet stinks, be sure to buy Pony Potion's Helmet Deodorizer.

Pony Potion's special blend of helmet deodorizers have been tested and proven to be one of the best helmet smell deodorizers on the market, at an affordable price! 

Not only for use in riding helmets, but biker helmets, and combat helmets too! The scent is fresh smelling spearmint

After each and every ride, hang your helmet and other equipment to dry. You need to air them out so they will dry, and the smell will dissipate. This will also prevent bacteria and fungi from forming in your equipment. 

Pony Potion 4 oz. Spray

Directions for Use:

Let your helmet air dry for about 20 minutes before applying this helmet spray in your helmet and enjoy the refreshing spearmint smell!  The next time you go to reach for your helmet for that exciting trail ride, all of the previous odors will be completely neutralized.


helmet smell deodorizer
Fresh & Fragrant Peppermint Elixer is Made with Essential Oils and is Safe for the Skin
Helmet Smell
Voted BEST New Product 2010 by TackNTogs Magazine

Will Helmet Spray Deodorize My Boots?

Pony Potion Helmet Deodorizer is a Helmet Smell Spray used to rid your riding helmet of odors caused by sweat.  The Helmet deodorizer is also great for:

  • motorcyclists
  • bicyclists
  • hockey bags
  • gym bags
  • members of the military
  • boots
  • hats
  • the list is endless....