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"Mash-icles" A Frozen Summer Horse Treat

Turn Your Bran Mash for Horses into a Rewarding Surprise.


Bran Mash for Horses is not just a winter horse treat.  Choose your favorite flavor of Brittany's Mash, add a little water and freeze. 


Bon-Vivant is happy to be the exclusive distributor of Brittany's nutritious treats. 

Here's a cute video of a horse devouring the tail end of his "Mash-Sicle"

Each bag of Brittany's Bran Mashfor Horses is made from all-natural ingredients and tasty treats such as peppermints, and freshly freeze dried carrots, apples, bananas and kiwi fruits. 


Brittany's brand products have been tested and loved by horses all over New England and they are now available for your horse to enjoy too.


Made with Ground Flax seed, Brittany's brand will enhance your horse's mane and tail while adding balance to your horse's diet. 

Brittany's Bran Mash for Horses is Available to Purchase By the Case

(1 Dozen)

Mash for horses  can be enjoyed year round as a healthy snack or even a winter warmer.  Mashes are a favorite treat to feed.


Be sure to choose Brittany's Brand for your horse's feed program.  Freshness is our priority!
Proudly Made in New England
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