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Illuminated Hoof Pick

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To ensure peace of mind use the Illuminated Hoof Pick. 

This unique tool combines traditional hoof pick benefits, plus the convenience of a small LED light that shines directly on the area where it is needed most, the hoof. 

Most barns are dark and this pick is favored by equestrians who need a little light to clean their horse's hooves. 

-High Powered LED Light

-Easy Grip Handle

-Stainless Steel Pick

-Built Tough

-Water Resistant

-Patent Pending Horse Hoof Pick

-Replaceable Batteries & Brush

-Designed by Equine Enthusiasts.

This hoof pick is genius.  I'm not getting any younger and neither are my eyes.  This simple little tool brightens my life by making a seemingly simple task of hoof picking...easier.
- Cassandra P. 
South Bend, IN
Technology + Horse hoof picks = F-U-N!

Illuminated Hoof Pick

Hoof picking just became F-U-N! 


"No hoof, no horse.” This is an old saying among horse people. Proper hoof picking is essential for hoof health and is among the most important things you can do for your horse.


Based on traditional horse hoof picks, the patent pending Illuminated Hoof Pick has added an LED light, powered by two replaceable AAA’s batteries, at the end of an easy grip handle.  It is built tough with a stainless steel pick and is water resistant. The Illuminated Hoof Pick is a revolutionary improvement on the most basic tool in the tack room.  Hoof picking just became F-U-N.