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Custom Browbands and Bridles -

Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements™

Step #3 Design Layout 

Select Your  Crystal Pattern / Layout -

 We can set your Swarovski® Crystals in a pattern of your choosing.  Below we are showing five versions of what can be done.  However, we can make anything that you can dream up.



Custom Browbands 1 Single Row Pattern Layout
Custom Browbands 3-3 Pattern Layout
Custom Browbands 5-2 Pattern
Custom Browbands 1-1 Pattern Layout
Custom Browbands 3-3-3 Pattern Layout

Bringing poetry and enchantment into everyday equestrian life is the central vision and key objective of Beasties™ Horse Tack Solutions Co.  The product brand Beasties™ is committed to nurturing qualtiy products by combining quality components like Italian leathers with genuine Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Elements for their exquisite gala of crystal bridles and custom browbands.


When sparks of light ignite a perfect cut, countless colors merge with fantastic brilliance, and new fantasies arise from future trends.  Personal equestrian products and creations are transformed by ageless elegance.  Products of desire are born.

Brilliance and Twilighty are the the new product brands for Beasties.™  These browband and bridle products encapsulate all the beauty in the eye of the beholder and the rich tradition of technological perfection and innovation that are Beasties™ hallmarks.